Temprotech provide flame retardant temporary protection materials and technologies that meet the exacting demands of the forward-thinking players in the Cruise, Ferry, Naval, Megayacht and Offshore markets.During newbuilding and outfitting or periods of drydocking, refurbishment, maintenance and repair it is essential that projects are carried out on time and within budgetary constraints.
Established 45 years, Plastex is an independent, family run business with UK and US production sites, 24 hour manufacturing and a world-wide sales distribution network.

Plastex's highly successful Matting Division is a driving force in the industry.It remains committed to the development of new technologies and the manufacture of cutting edge products that meet universal legislative and safety standards.
AMS is dedicated to servicing the needs of military clients with atmosphere monitoring equipment for life support. We aim to maximise operational effectiveness across the full range of military theatres of land, sea and air.
Manufacturer of VHF and HF Antennas Associated Industries has been the largest supplier of the AS-1729/VRC Antenna, VHF Broadband Antennas to include RF-4620, AS-4331,AS-3885/TRC-191 (AS-4332), AS-4334, and AS-4340 (SINCGARS) to many countries and has supplied 85% of the VHF vehicular antennas presently in use.
The company H. Henriksen Mek. Verksted A/S was founded 14.10. 1856 by the young blacksmith Henrik Henriksen. His focus in the early days was on equipment for the marine industry, and this is still the main focus for the company. The family owned company is today run by the 5 th generation.

Our main philosophy is the unique combination of engineering and production to develop and produce products based upon the customers requirements.
Battistella B.G. S.r.l. ha alle spalle oltre 35 anni di esperienza, che hanno permesso di far conoscere il proprio marchio in tutto il mondo. Da anni si progettano e vendono macchine per lo stiro ad uso semi-professionale e industriale. Oramai è rimasto ben poco della piccola azienda che trent'anni fa produceva caldaie e tavoli da stiro destinati al mercato locale.
Crossfield Products Corp. manufactures a wide variety of deck coverings, underlayments, and specialty coating systems for marine applications. Designed for both wet and dry spaces in accordance with IMO and U.S Military specifications on military ships, commercial vessels, off-shore platforms, working boats, cruise ships, and ferries.