• A de-humidifier is a special device that removes water from the air to reduce humidity.
  • It usually does this by moving the air over a surface that is colder than the air's temperature, which allows moisture to condense out.
  • A de-humidifier removes moisture from the air. The usual technique used to remove the moisture is to condense the moisture onto a cold surface.
1981 saw the birth of Alfa Engineering Co., a proprietory concern with the objective of manufacturing high quality small domestic fans. Immediatesuccess of ALFA domestic fans led the company to diversify into Industrial Fans, Air Circulators and Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans which were well accepted in the highly competitive market, enabling the company to establish a strong presence and create a brand image for ALFA fans which signifies quality, reliability and durability.

All ALFA fans are available in various models. ALFA Fans are manufactured under strict quality control and confirm to ISI specification.
Kumud Metal Foundry contributes to the development of our customers' process breakthroughs by manufacturing state-of-the-art castings for their exacting needs and we have achieved the minimum defect quality standard.Precision craftsmanship within a tight tolerance and quick turnaround is our specialty.

As one of the most recognised names in the business, our reputation has grown to being an innovator and quality setter who provides path-breaking castings for leading OEM's machines, technology and product lines
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as "Satindarpal Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd."

Satindarpal Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1978 in a very humble way manufacturing rubber product of the highest quality in a very small premises with an extraordinary investment of honesty, quality and hard work. Since then our progress graph has been very satisfying. Further more we would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to express our ability to serve you with everything in rubber as a base.